Skeleton structure

The skeleton contains a number of directories and files.


Directory containing Django, migrations, fixtures, static files and tests.


Directory containing templates for generating working Nginx and Supervisor configuration files.


Directory where front end developers can safely prototype static pages. Django itself prefers the top level directory and this approach prevents collisions.


Directory containing various settings files and for the project.


Directory containing reference bash scripts to setup an Ubuntu 14.04 server and to deploy a production quality Jmbo project.


Settings used to generate files from the templates in the conf directory.


Configuration to be used by Required when a site serves mobile and desktop devices on different subdomains.

Module containing logic to distunguish between basic, smart and web devices using information supplied by device-proxy.


Versions of products required for the project.

Script to setup a development environment.

Django settings for use in unit tests.

Script to run the site as a WSGI server.